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How to bring your career to a new level with the Trinity MBA

/ by Jonathan Totterdell



Jonathan Totterdell (Full-Time MBA '22) is currently working as a Manager for the Major Programmes division in Deloitte. Here, he talks about his time on his MBA programme and how working with diverse perspectives from classmates, mentors, and companies helped to build his professional skillset and tackle challenges with bold ideas. 

I researched (rather thoroughly) possible MBA programmes for three years as this was a very important decision for my professional future. Any MBA is a rather large time and financial commitment, so it is important to consider the value for money in terms of professional opportunities. First and foremost, it had to be internationally recognisable with good prospects for future career development. After many coffee chats and reading brochures, I could see that all the top companies located in Ireland were keen to recruit from the programme. When researching the Trinity MBA programmes versus their international peers, Trinity Business School became the clear winner.

When I first began my MBA, I hoped to grow as a person, unlock new mindsets that can be difficult to see in your current environment, expand my network and really bring my career to a new level. I can tell you confidently that I achieved all of that and more. The array of company projects, strong themes in technology and sustainability and  thriving campus were appealing features when I first applied to Trinity Business School, but I soon realized that the company projects were where the real work (and fun) would happen. 

The programme paired us with companies from global tech, national banking, social scale ups and international tech expansions. During the course we got to pick up some great perspectives from these companies as well as from fellow classmates. A good example for this was our banking project where colleagues from the US & South America had radically different experiences with the subject. This created some really interesting conversations about where financial services in Ireland could go. We brought forward ideas that the host client loved, and it was that spark that has helped me take bold decisions outside of the traditional answers expected in financial services. 

Looking back, I value the diversity of perspectives on the programme a lot.  On personal development opportunities, the executive coaching we received from the amazing mentors on the programme brought me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to grow. Building a network of people who had ‘been there and done that’ in reaching new heights in their careers really pushed me to excel. 

Right now,  I am working in Major Programmes at Deloitte, and I think coming into that role with a fresh perspective of what’s possible has allowed me to grow. We focus on transformative projects that require  bold suggestions and the ability to solve problems quickly for what we are working to achieve. My time on the Trinity MBA programme prepared me to confidently and efficiently tackle these projects. 

If anyone is debating applying for a Trinity MBA programme, I would say to do your own research and then jump in with two feet. Most current students will be more than happy to take a call on how the programme is going for them, so don't be afraid to reach out. 

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Jonathan Totterdell

Written by Jonathan Totterdell