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My MBA Scholarship Journey: Doyin Bademosi

/ by Doyin Bademosi

Trinity Business School offers significant scholarship funding to a limited number of talented applicants to promote gender, geographic and sector diversity, alongside recognition for academic and professional excellence.

Current Executive MBA student Doyin Bademosi was one such successful scholarship applicant, having received the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurship Scholarship, worth €10,000. Doyin speaks about his successful scholarship application, its impact on his journey, his time as an MBA at Trinity Business School, and his start-up Radmol AI Systems, which is focusing on helping healthcare providers and patients accelerate their access to radiology diagnoses.



Name: Doyin Bademosi

Programme: Executive MBA

Year of Graduation: 2021

Nationality: Nigerian

Why the Trinity MBA

Firstly, it begins with the reputation of the college, which is well positioned as a prestigious place of learning. Furthermore, the Trinity MBA is uniquely designed to be engaging, a mix of classroom learning and industry engagement. The beauty of this type of learning structure is that it allows the learner to translate complex concepts into operational strategies, while being in a position to interrogate the application of theoretical frameworks in a live situation.


The Trinity MBA Experience

The Trinity MBA programme has been quite an amazing experience. The quality of the cohort in an MBA is essential, and the Trinity MBA is for me an enrichment by a group of highly professional people with a wide range of professional experience. It is this blend of experience that enriches the quality of the modules. In addition to the thought-provoking lectures by the professors of the college, the quality of elective subjects at associated institutions such as Private Equity from the University of St. Gallen and Entrepreneurial Finance from UC Beckley was very rewarding.


The Impact of The Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurship Scholarship 

The scholarship was a validation of the scholarship sponsor Mr. Séamus McDermott and Trinity’s commitment to support innovation driven entrepreneurship, which is a valuable contribution to capacity building within the Irish business ecosystem.

The scholarship was helpful and freed up much-needed capital to invest in the start- up. In my view, it is an indirect investment in the company and a credit to their confidence in our aspirations.

When a grant is awarded on the basis of academic excellence and entrepreneurial skills, it conveys a sense of responsibility to ensure that the investment is not only monetary, but also that the impact we are aiming for is achieved by helping ordinary people to reduce delays in accessing high-quality healthcare. Regardless of where we operate and what strides we make, Trinity college and Mr. Séamus McDermott will always be a part of our story.


Doyin with some of his fellow scholarship recipients of the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurship Scholarship programme


Words of Advice for Scholarship Applicants

As an entrepreneur, your entrepreneurial journey is a combination of learning and execution, so enrolling in an MBA like this will only benefit you. Getting a scholarship to study is really an investment in your start-up company, and making an institution with the depth and breadth of Trinity College a partner in your journey is a smart decision.

The process of filling out an application is simple, the Trinity MBA admissions team is very helpful and highly professional and provides all the support needed to complete an application. 

As far as my application is concerned, maybe the fact that my company is dealing with a problem which is a difficult one not only here in Ireland but globally contributed to the success of my application.

My advice, however, is that you simply show why you are tackling the problem you are focusing on and why this problem is important. Secondly, clearly define what you want to get out of the MBA programme; this clarity will benefit you long after you have joined the programme. Finally, be aware of what you will contribute to the cohort, because your experience and know-how will help to enrich the quality of your cohort.   


My Business Start-up 'Radmol AI' and how I utilised the Trinity MBA To Develop it Further

Radmol AI is a cloud-based healthcare infrastructure service platform that helps hospital systems connect with local and global radiologists when needed, while leveraging artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of radiological diagnoses. In essence, we have made it our mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all, especially where it is most needed. The company was formed while I was studying for a post-graduate programme in Trinity a couple of years ago.

I started by researching the challenges in the industry and was overwhelmed by the huge inequitable access to radiology globally and what this could mean for quality healthcare. This was a challenge I had experienced myself when we needed the services of a neurosurgeon to operate on a member of my family. A quick interpretation of the MRI was key, and using my network to get a second and third opinion helped us draw the right conclusions about what kind of action to take.

Therefore, it was frightening to see that more than fifty percent (50%) of the world does not have access to radiology according to WHO (World Health Organization). In particular, there were countries with an average of one radiologist per 1.5 million inhabitants, while countries such as Germany and France have around 15 and 13 radiologists per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively.


This prompted me to develop a solution that could help address this chronic shortcoming through cloud computing and AI. We are currently launching the first phase and our goal in the coming months is to reduce the average waiting time for radiology reports in the markets in which we operate from a few months to 24 hours and to speed up the triage process through the use of artificial intelligence.

One of the most important skills that I have acquired from the MBA program is more in the area of finance and investment. Although I have several years of experience in business and have been a three-time founder, I have always been involved in finance as an outsider. In the truest sense of the word, the MBA program has helped me bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and being an investor, thereby influencing my funding and investment strategy for the company.

Furthermore, running a responsible organisation based on shared values is a cultural ethos to which we want to remain faithful. We recently signed a commercial pilot agreement to deploy our technology in an international market, while also signing an MOU with another country for both technical and commercial cooperation. We reckon that prompt diagnosis will help reduce morbidity rate and avoidable health complications through early intervention.


Final Words of Advice

For incoming students, an MBA is only as useful as what you put into it, your lecturers are facilitators, the learning is all yours. Leverage faculty members and your cohort to explore your curiosity and advance your ideas. Enjoy learning and making lifelong friends.

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Doyin Bademosi

Written by Doyin Bademosi

Doyin Bademosi is a current Executive MBA student and a recipient of the Séamus McDermott Entrepreneurship Scholarship programme.