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What do the MBA International Residency Weeks Entail?

/ by Eoghan O'Sullivan

There are three optional week-long international residency electives in South Africa, Brazil and Belgium.


Leuven Institute, Belgium: Negotiating for Value

Study in the heart of Europe. Our one week elective module in Negotiating for Value and master classes in Cross Border Management are held in the historic 400 year old Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe. The week long residency week also include field trips to the European Commission and to the trenches and cemeteries from the Great War at Ypres.

The course is based on best practice negotiation training developed at the Program On Negotiation (PON) at Harvard University.  It aspires to instil the capability, competence and confidence to embark upon principled, value-maximizing negotiation.

The course is presented in an inter-active manner, which includes lectures and experiential learning by virtue of case studies, debriefings, video presentations and simulations.

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São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Management in Emerging Economies

Gain first-hand experience during the one-week elective module in Management in Emerging Economies.

The objective of the program is to provide a solid understanding of the business environment in Brazil, the largest economy in the Latin America and in the Caribbean. After the residency in Brazil, students will understand the main characteristics of the Brazilian economy, its economic strengths and weaknesses, the main business opportunities present in the country, the country´s main multinationals and their internationalization strategies.

The lectures will present how Brazil became an economy evenly divided into the agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors and the historical background that led to the diversified demography existing in Brazil. Additionally, the program will address the current political turmoil, corruption scandals and the Car Wash Operation, an ongoing criminal investigation that has imprisoned several important politicians.

Each session will be a mix of case studies and in class-exercises. Case studies are used to provide a background for discussions in a particular business context. It is therefore critical that students read the case in advance and come prepared to the discussion with their assignment done. The role of your instructor is to facilitate and moderate debates to help participants to think critically about the business decisions in question. 

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Cape Town, South Africa: Management & Sustainability

The learning approach in this module is a combination of lectures, site visits and time for cultural appreciation. The days are structured in a way that lectures are attended in the mornings and site visits, company visits and cultural excursions take place in the afternoon.

This module aspires to afford students the opportunity to develop a critical awareness of the issues and challenges related to the sustainability of current individual, organizational and governmental practices.  Students are challenged to interrogate and evaluate current approaches, and explore creative ways of promoting flourishing individuals and organizations that are cognizant of their responsibility to future generations.

The module will be delivered in one week at the Graduate Business School of the University of Cape Town.  It will inter alia be centered on contextualizing sustainability with an emerging world context, moving beyond the triple bottom line, sustainability as organizational practice in action, the impact of climate change, Environmental stewardship meeting business innovation, and integrating sustainability into organizational practice.

Other events include meeting entrepreneurs in local townships, visiting Fair Trade communities, local artisans and non-profit businesses who focus on sustainability and stewardship of our communities.

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Eoghan O'Sullivan

Written by Eoghan O'Sullivan

MBA Admissions Manager