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What are the Live Company Projects?

/ by Eoghan O'Sullivan

Working in groups, you work directly with and deliver solutions to the senior management teams of organizations via three Company Projects.


The Trinity MBA Live Company Projects

The purpose of the MBA Strategic Company Project (‘the Company Project’) is to provide a vehicle for MBA teams to apply their business and leadership skills through addressing a strategic challenge faced by the host (partner) organisation; generally a large, complex  company or organisation operating in a dynamic environment. Having successfully completed this module, the student should be able to:

  • Undertake detailed scanning of the external environment including macro-industry, competitor, market and customer analyses
  • Undertake a thorough analysis of the host organisation’s internal environment
  • Critically assess a business-related issue with the host organisation, and apply a solution to the problem that takes into account the strategic intent, capabilities, resources, mission, values and culture of the organisation, inter alia.
  • Critically evaluate the strategic situation facing the host company, and propose an array of suitable remedies or counter-measures, suggesting the preferred course of action.

   1. Strategic Company Project

Working with a multinational company or leading domestic player, you deliver a comprehensive strategic audit of the industry, problem analysis and a blueprint for change. Delivered over four stages, this project results in four presentations to the company, and a major report of the team’s findings, recommendations, and implementation plans.

  1. Industry and Competitor Analysis
  2. Company Analysis and Issue Identification
  3. Strategic Issue Analysis
  4. Blueprint for Change

   2. Scaling Project

This project represents an intensive, live and ‘flash’ consulting project with a scaling firm to identify, diagnose and offer strategic recommendations on how to manage their scaling. The scaling project relates to a growth related impediment or challenge the company is facing and that has become (or could potentially become) a bottleneck for achieving greater scale.This unique experience covers a wide range of strategic and market development challenges for firms across a range of sectors in Ireland.


   3. Social Enterprise Project

This Company Project works directly with a Social Enterprise that is focused on a social mission, such as an NGO or a Foundation with a specific social mission and purpose, within a set timeframe with little or no financial resources. The project might consist of a new marketing strategy, a new plan for measuring impact or a re-branding initiate, amongst others.


My MBA Live Company Project Experience:         Alumna Rebecca Kummert


Hear from the Companies

Companies participating in the Company Projects have access to an experienced group of MBA professionals who are able to apply their skills, focus and diverse range of backgrounds to an issue. Hear from some of the participating companies.




"This Strategic Company Project focused on the future of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Dell Technologies OEM and IoT division offers organisations the ability to unlock the full potential of IoT data and enable faster, more accurate decisions for those seeking to stay ahead of their competitors.

The MBA team worked closely with Dell’s global operations, marketing, sales and strategy teams to gain new insights into the industry’s competitive landscape and made recommendations for change. This has been a very worthwhile partnership for Dell Technologies with the students delivering real value back to the company."




"During their research project in Diageo the MBA team demonstrated an impressive depth of experience and expertise across their varying disciplines.  They powerfully combined academic and industry research, with insights garnered in Diageo,  to develop detailed recommendations in response to specific business challenges. These have proved extremely useful to leaders and teams as they worked to develop strategic plans to address these challenges – several of which are now being operationalised."



"EY were seeking help around digital innovation, focussing on. Working within the Big 4, things move fast and we wanted people who have the time to do a structured analysis with a fresh pair of eyes. The students are very engaged, have industry experience and bring a level of maturity to the job. Anyone they have engaged with say they asked insightful questions. There is a nice mix of gender and nationality among the team and allows for access to a great talent pool."



"It’s been a pleasure to work with a team of Trinity MBA students as part of their Strategic Company Project. During the project, each team member was inquisitive and highly motivated to deliver interesting insights that were a real benefit."

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