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How the MSc in Management helped me realise my ambition of working in theatre.

/ by Jack Farrell


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Jack Farrell, MSc in Management (Class of 2021), on the skills he learned while on the programme and how they come into practice daily in theatre production. 

Growing up in Dublin, naturally it made sense to investigate the wonderful resources on my doorstep. I started out studying history at Trinity College Dublin – but my eventual goal was to pursue a career in diplomacy. The place I’ve ended up is a far cry from anything to do with international relations but still built on the foundations of an MSc in Management I obtained from Trinity Business School.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! As I went through college, I discovered that within me was a passion for theatre. By participating in the vibrant society life that Trinity has to offer, I started taking a leading role in producing theatre both on campus and off. Whether it’s a student production or the professional world, there’s a sense of community that theatre creates which has always appealed to me.

As I came to the end of my undergraduate degree, I began thinking about next steps. I decided an MSc in Management at the Trinity Business School would be the best opportunity for me to learn the skills I needed to make my hopes a reality.

What attracted me to the programme was that it’s tailored to fit graduates who haven’t previously studied business. All disciplines are welcomed, and this, paired with the great diversity amongst the class, opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and approaching problems. As if that wasn’t enough, Trinity Business School boasts a staff of world-leading researching working at the top of their game, giving myself and others the chance to develop our business acumen under the guidance of faculty who are at the leading edge of their field.

I produced my first professional theatre production in May 2019 and from then on I knew there was no turning back! Before the pandemic struck, I was due to intern at Landmark Productions, one of Ireland’s leading theatre producers. I began working with them on an ad-hoc basis before being offered the full-time position of Assistant Producer in April 2021.

My time at Trinity Business School was a worthwhile investment. From negotiation to product management, many of the skills I learned from the programme come into practice in my career on a daily basis.

Whether it’s creating and tracking production budgets with knowledge gained from studying financial management or checking the progress of a pre-production schedule with project management tools, I not only have the know-how to tackle these challenges, but a newfound sense of confidence as well.

In spite of the pandemic, I still managed to bond with my class, working remotely on dozens of projects throughout the course of the year. It wasn’t without its challenges but I think overall it strengthened the bond between us as a year group. Team projects called on us to develop communication and interpersonal skills online, both of which are key to finding success in your career in the digital environment.

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Jack Farrell

Written by Jack Farrell