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'Seize this opportunity to broaden your perspective on life. Make curiosity your motto.'

/ by Will Ribeiro

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The MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy introduces students - via a range of diverse modules - to the overall digital marketing ecosystem that focuses on the skills they need to effectively plan, design and implement strategies that add value to global organisations. Originally from Brazil, Will Ribeiro (MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy, '24) is a recipient of the Global Excellence Scholarship and is a Marketing Representative for the programme. Here, Will talks about his experience in the programme so far, the lessons he has taken from it, and gives some tips and advice on enjoying the Trinity Business School experience.

Why did you choose Trinity Business School and the MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy?

Three factors played a significant role in my decision to move to Dublin and select Trinity Business School for my master's degree. I was drawn to Trinity College Dublin for its extensive reputation, forged through years of research and the cultivation of professionals involved in diverse industries, not just in Ireland or Europe, but across the globe.

As a tech enthusiast, there are also numerous opportunities offered by the "Silicon Docks" of Dublin. The concentration of numerous technology companies in the region genuinely fosters high expectations for students and professionals aspiring to work in the field. With a professional background in branding, advertising, and creative project management (I previously worked with the Global Business Marketing team at Meta), I am excited to further my career in this city! 

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Overall, I would like to highlight the cultural diversity that Trinity Business School provides, significantly enhancing education in an increasingly interconnected world. Delving into communication, strategy, and marketing within a class made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives rooted in their home markets, adds an immeasurable value to this experience.

Could you share your key takeaways from the programme so far?

Absolutely! I can think of four key takeaways straight away, which not only apply to my experience in the programme but also encompass the life I've been living in Ireland:

  • Be Curious: Given the programme's schedule, most of your experience will unfold outside the classroom. Explore all the paths and possibilities that not only the university but also the city has to offer you. In Dublin, you'll meet people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds. Seize this opportunity to broaden your perspective on life. Make curiosity your motto.

  • Maximise Career Services: In addition to the educational support provided by the university (please, make use of professors' office hours), take full advantage of the career consultations and workshops offered by the consultant assigned to your programme (huge shout out to Meg U'ren, by the way!). There are various tools you can explore, from CV and cover letter reviews to crafting a career plan tailored to your motivations and professional expectations.

  • Don't Fear Mistakes: It may sound self-explanatory, but it's crucial to reiterate: don't be afraid. The university is a safe space for experimentation and personal development. Identify areas for improvement and work on them. Mistakes are temporary, but your learning journey is constant and promising. Your presence at Trinity Business School speaks volumes about that.

  • Live the Experience Anchored in the Present: I understand that when we apply for a programme like this, we inevitably think about the future outcomes that such an opportunity can bring—especially if you're an international student. However, don't let anxiety about the future rob you of the beauty of living this experience in the here and now. Cherish each day; this experience passes quickly. Strive towards your future, but anchor yourself in the present moment.

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How do you envision yourself upon completing your programme?

Upon completing the MSc in Digital Marketing Strategy, my primary objective is to apply the knowledge gained in the programme to personal projects and hopefully within the Irish and EMEA markets. As a professional deeply passionate about communication, I find inspiration not only in exploring the creative dynamics of diverse markets and communities, but also in the potential of communication strategies to address social challenges and cultivate authentic connections between brands and people.

I feel delighted to be here at this moment, shaping this experience alongside the inspiring individuals in my cohort. Each passing day reaffirms that choosing Trinity Business School was the best decision I've made and brings me a little closer to my professional goals.

If you want to see more, I am documenting my experiences at Trinity Business School and glimpses of Dublin through my love of photography and travel on my LinkedIn and Instagram profiles.

Silicon Docks, brace yourself—I'm on my way!


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Will Ribeiro

Written by Will Ribeiro