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EMBA Alumni Spotlight: Jana Platau-Wagner

/ by Ian Dunne

We asked some of our 2018-2019 cohort about their MBA experience and any advice they have for prospective students. Hear what they had to say.



Name: Jana Platau-Wagner

Current Employment: Bank of Ireland - Senior Manager - Risk Innovation 

Nationality: German

MBA Programme: Executive MBA


Why the Trinity MBA?

The Trinity MBA was the only option for me on my busy schedule with its fantastic faculty, ambition and the impressive city centre location. 


How does Trinity stand out from other business schools?

Trinity Business School effortlessly combines the newest academic findings with experienced practitioner knowledge from leaders in various fields. It brings together a great community of people in different industries and creates a brilliant platform for industry and academia to collaborate.


Sum up the Trinity MBA experience and culture in a single word.



What value does the diversity of background give in the Trinity MBA?

It creates a realistic green field to learn and test new skills. It opens horizons and creates friendships. The wide diversity gives the MBA a depth that is unique and greatly contributes to the experience. 


What’s the most important skill you’ve taken away from Trinity?

The MBA has taught me to differentiate situations, as to when to trust my instinct and when to seek further (external) clarification.


How did the international residency weeks impact you?

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bellmulet. We had a great cohort and by taking out the noise of the day-to-day we gave each other the time to commit to the process and our shared goals. It was a brilliant experience to take that to the next level in the second year with a second trip to Brussels. We were lucky to to have had such a legendary lecturer teach us about negotiation too!


What were the value of the company projects for you?

The value of the company projects to me demonstrated extremely well the challenges that we face in our day to day work life around team work, altering objectives and the ability to deliver. It also re-iterates the need for shared understanding. 

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Any advice for future students?  

If you have been playing with the idea to apply for the MBA , just do it! It will make you grow!


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Ian Dunne

Written by Ian Dunne

Marketing and Communications Officer, Trinity Business School