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Experiencing The MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management

/ by Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma arrived at Trinity Business School from India in August 2019 to study the MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management (MSc in OSCM). He graduated with flying colours in October 2020, and since then has secured a job working as a Network Operations Engineer for TradeIX here in Dublin, Ireland.

Mayank talks about why he choose the MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management, how it impacted his career, working at TradeIX, and he also offers some tips and advice for prospective students who are looking to follow a similar career path by studying the MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management.


IMG_0606At The Campanile, Trinity College Dublin

My Background

My name is Mayank Sharma from India and I recently graduated from Trinity Business School. I figured it was the best time for me to upskill myself after getting 7 years of job experience in the operations field. My journey and experience at Trinity helped me in landing up a job at TradeIX as Networks Operations Engineer at the Dublin office.

TradeIX is a place with creative and highly motivated people around, where we are rewiring trade and supply chain finance by providing the most connected and secure platform infrastructure(blockchain) for corporates, banks, asset managers, B2B networks and value-added service providers.

Choosing Trinity and the MSc in OSCM

I chose to study at Trinity not only because it is Ireland's best university and a world-renowned university, but also because of the rich heritage and class that it offers. As Trinity focused not only on my academic accomplishments, but also on my extra-curricular achievements in the past, I was selected as a Trinity Scholar (Business School scholarship winner), which was a motivating force for me. It didn't take me much time to realize the very reason for the great Trinity personalities in the universe to exist.


IMG_1231Receiving my scholarship certificate from Dr. Na Fu, Trinity Business School


The choice of MSc in OSCM at Trinity Business School was due to the manner in which the course modules were constructed. The professors' method of teaching is that they want us to challenge them, and if you disagree and have a different viewpoint, it's okay.  Discussions are always welcome and appreciated. I would again say, “ I wish that I had more time at Trinity”.

Developing My Career

Since graduating, I now have a much deeper understanding of the market and the methodology behind it, two areas which have helped me develop a strong business acumen that not only helps me to contribute more at work, but also in a more productive and sustainable way.

I now recognise the development of leadership in my thinking process and the benefit of the research/dissertation that I undertook during my studies. I undertook the dissertation with the help of my wonderful mentors who helped me greatly in understanding the organizational and company indicator aspects of customer service, which is a must for everyone willing to work in this area in the future.


c1f9ecc9-2905-4c2c-a0ce-91cff4fbcc84The MSc in OSCM Class Photo


I consider coming to Trinity to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. It was a tough call for me to come and study after 7 years of work experience, to leave my career, my home, and to study abroad. However, when I sit back with a cup of coffee enjoying the best Irish weather, I believe things couldn't have gone better for me. Like I said, only the lucky ones are going to experience this.

If you would like to read a separate blog post I wrote on my top tips for finding a job in Dublin, you can do so here.

Applying the MSc Learnings in My Work

I have been able to improve my cognitive skills and now at work, I appreciate the need for a realistic data driven approach in order to provide a better solution.

TradeIX, The company I work for here in Dublin, is a start-up with a mission to provide the best solutions and optimize the way in which supply chain financing is handled. It needs a lot of mental agility and also a sense of ownership and vision of what we do and how we can do it better.

My modules, such as Business Analytics, Project Management and Operations Analytics, aid a lot in managing and making data-driven decisions. What makes TradeiX the best place to work is the  great leadership here and a team that is very diverse and respects your inputs and views. There is a real atmosphere of creativity, playfulness, learning and not stopping because of fear of failure.



If I hadn't attended studied the MSc in OSCM, I wouldn't have been able to effectively track circumstances that require individual knowledge and approach. I feel more brave when it comes to making decisions, and my risk management methods have flourished since then. Trinity has taught me the importance of value co-creation, process management and quality improvement at work which helps handle bottlenecks and contributes the best across the entire value chain.


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Mayank Sharma

Written by Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma is an MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management alumnus from India who now works in Dublin as a Network Operations Engineer for TradeIX.