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Top Tips for Finding a Job in Ireland After Graduating

/ by Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma arrived at Trinity Business School from India in August 2019 to study the MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management. He graduated with flying colours in October 2020, and since then has secured a job working as a Network Operations Engineer for TradeIX here in Dublin, Ireland.

As an international student and graduate, Mayank offers advice to students looking to find a job upon graduating from their master programme of choice. He provides a number of specific tips that can help both prospective and current students secure a job in the Irish market.


IMG_0606Alumnus Mayank Sharma

My Background

My name is Mayank Sharma from India and I recently graduated from Trinity Business School. I figured it was the best time for me to upskill myself after getting 7 years of job experience in the operations field. My journey and experience at Trinity helped me in landing up a job at TradeIX as a Networks Operations Engineer at the Dublin office.

TradeIX is a place of creative and highly motivated people where we are rewiring trade and supply chain finance by providing the most connected and secure platform infrastructure (blockchain) for corporates, banks, asset managers, B2B networks and value-added service providers. If you'd like to read more about the MSc OCSM, you can do so here where I have written a separate blog about the programme. 

Finding a Job after Graduation

In recent years, Ireland has become the European headquarters of many major corporate giants. So, speaking of possibilities, yes, there are many. But the real question is, am I in the position to be the right fit in such an organisation? Can I contribute to the position I am applying for?

My plan was very straightforward and simple. I used every school lesson to communicate and try to relate it to the everyday activities around me. I believe that is where I found my key areas to work on. I knew that optimizing operations is something I enjoy, as it absolutely satisfies what I could best offer. Therefore, I applied only to the positions where I felt I could contribute and have an impact, and that's how TradeIX happened.


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Top Tips

  1. Be frank and don't be fake. Show real interest in the work of the organisation, and speak about your attraction to this work.
  2. Modules covered at Trinity teach you exactly how to organize responses during interviews that have helped me immensely.
  3. Turn on your LinkedIn and Indeed job alerts, which I believe would be adequate. LinkedIn helped me find my current job, but it's always nice to have multiple choices.
  4. Talk to your seniors, teachers, ex-colleagues, advisors, and talk about your thoughts with them. Their guidance and input will prove to be crucial, since they are currently in the market and will see it grow.
  5. Since all the procedures have now gone online due to the pandemic, and as before, you will not be able to make an impact in person right now. So, look back at the things you have done or been part of so that during the process you can talk for yourself.

Support at Trinity

At Trinity, you will find the best of minds. Trinity has it all for you to make friends, work in a group assignment, engage in clubs and societies, hang out at The Pav, to name just a few. Those that are with you now are going to be tomorrow's future leaders. Make the most out of it!

Trinity Business School's dedicated postgraduate careers team are a bunch of highly committed people, working hard to mentor us and link us with workshops, alumni networks, and industry experts. Trinity Business School really makes you feel unique.

 At Trinity, the focus has always been on 4 key characteristics.

  1. To Act Responsibly
  2. To Think Independently
  3. To Develop Continuously
  4. To Communicate Effectively.

IMG_2234Ready for Work!

I consider coming to Trinity to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. It was a tough call for me to come and study after 7 years of work experience, to leave my career, my home, and to study abroad. However, when I sit back with a cup of coffee enjoying the best Irish weather, I believe things couldn't have gone better for me. Like I said, only the lucky ones are going to experience this.

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Mayank Sharma

Written by Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma is an MSc in Operations & Supply Chain Management alumnus from India who now works in Dublin as a Network Operations Engineer for TradeIX.